10 Year Wedding Anniversary

On January 21st, Logan and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary! I can’t even believe I’m typing that! It feels like I should be typing 20! Haha- totally kidding, babe! It has by far been a wonderful, challenging, exciting, hard, adventurous, and joyful 10 years but we’ve made it a point to make our marriage a priority and to never give up. I wish someone would have told my 21 year old self that deciding on a china pattern was NOT going to be the hardest decision I’d ever make in my marriage! There are times when we don’t want to speak to each other and times when we can’t fit in everything we want to say in one day. Ok, maybe that’s just me, but Logan does talk a lot sometimes, you guys! Regardless of the season we are going through in our marriage, I can’t imagine life without him. Through the good and the bad, he’s my #1.

So, in honor of our anniversary, I decided to take a trip down memory lane to reminisce about the last ten years. I hope you’ll read through and leave a comment about a specific time when you were a part of our lives these past ten years!

Our wedding day, January 21, 2007.

Three months after getting married, we moved to Hawaii! Eight months after arriving in Hawaii, Logan was deployed to Japan. After seven months away, we were reunited!

Catching up for lost time, we celebrated my birthday and our one year anniversary.

Seven months later, Logan left for Iraq and Afghanistan on the exact day of our 2nd anniversary. At least we got to spend part of the day together!

Seven months later and he was back home in Hawaii!

Finally back together as a family! This was our first official Christmas card that we sent out.

Since our first two anniversaries were a little bleak, we decided to celebrate our 3rd anniversary in Crested Butte, CO- the same place we went to for our honeymoon!

After spending just over three years in Hawaii, Logan got orders to be a recruiter in Memphis, TN, where we celebrated our 4 year anniversary.

I supported him in his grueling new job, and he supported me in my crazy endeavors.

We celebrated our five year anniversary in Hot Springs National Park.

Not too long after that , we found out I was pregnant!

In October of 2012, we welcomed our son, Easton, into the world!

Needless to say, things got a little hectic after that. We celebrated our 6th anniversary in true parent fashion- at home.

After three years in Tennessee, we packed up our things and moved to San Diego, California! Easton turned one there and thanks to Grandma babysitting, we were able to spend our 7th anniversary skiing in Salt Lake City.

For our 8th anniversary, we took a family road trip up to San Francisco and visited Muir Woods National Park, Monterey, and drove back home down Route 1 through Big Sur.

Shortly after, we announced our 2nd pregnancy!

Amelia joined our family in August of 2015.

After only two and a half years in San Diego, we were quickly notified that we would be moving to Quantico, VA! We spent our 9th anniversary moving into our new home.

Our complete family of four during a beach vacation in North Carolina.

And finally, we made it to the big TEN! Logan was physically preparing for a grueling course so we weren’t able to take a relaxing trip on our actual anniversary. So, we simply postponed our anniversary trip and drove up to Annapolis, MD and spent the day eating some delicious seafood!

Happy anniversary babe! I can’t wait to see what the next ten years of photos look like for us! We’ve already gotten orders for our next duty station, so stay tuned!








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