A Laborless Weekend

My mom and sister try not go more than three months without seeing Easton, so on the Friday before Labor Day, my sister flew all the way from Florida to see us! (My mother was gracious enough to fly out when we moved in to help with unpacking and watching Easton.) Time always seems to fly by when she’s here, and I’m never ready for her to leave. I call her my sister wife because it’s so nice having an extra hand with taking care of Easton, cooking, and everything else we moms have on our plates! Luckily though, we were able to squeeze in a bunch of fun things while she was here.

Kylene and her husband Ryan are both wedding photographers, but they are also huge DDD (Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives) fans. They travel a lot and like to scope out the best eats in each city that they’re in. So Kylene had already chosen a few places she wanted to eat at. Saturday, we ate lunch at The Crest Cafe and Kylene and Logan indulged on a “Butter Burger”. They both said it was the best burger they’ve ever eaten!

Easton was looking in the window longing for a bite of the Butter Burger – he got some yogurt and veggies instead.


Next stop was the La Jolla Childrens Pool in search of some seals and sea lions.





Sunday, we met up with some friends at a winery in Temecula to have brunch and then hopped over to another winery to do some wine tastings.

Easton sitting with Aunt KiKi at brunch.




Temecula Valley is known as the wine country of southern California and it was beautiful!



On Labor Day, we took advantage of my babysitter sister being in town. Logan and I took a motorcycle ride up to a small town called Julian that’s located about an hour away. They are known for their amazing pies, but also offer lots of fun activities for tourists such as u-pick apple orchards. We ate breakfast at the Julian Cafe and Bakery and I think my plate speaks for itself.

Fresh apples on top of french toast with whipped cream! Amazing!


After we were completely stuffed, we did a little shopping (which included finding some pumpkin butter, score!!) and then walked down to the Julian Pie Company.


After strapping our apple pumpkin pie (you heard me right) down onto the back of our motorcycle, we headed back home.



On Tuesday, Logan headed back to work while Kylene and I ran errands and took photos of Easton (I always take advantage of her professional skills while she’s here!).  Before we knew it, Wednesday was here and we were saying our goodbyes. Luckily, I will see both her and my mom in a little over three weeks! My mom has a time share in Longboat Key, FL, so we are all going to meet there for some fun at the beach!

Hope everyone had an enjoyable and relaxing Labor Day weekend as well!


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    • elil72 - We enjoyed getting to see DJ (and you guys) too! Wish we would have taken a good picture together so I could have posted it! (we were lame and only took one with Kylene’s iphone)ReplyCancel

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