Did you really think I’d go somewhere as pretty as Yosemite and not bring an outfit for me to photograph Amelia in? Amelia has become my photo muse, and since our photo shoot in Joshua Tree National Park, I think it’s kind of become our thing. So on the night that we decided to have […]

It’s been over a year since we visited our last National Park in Joshua Tree. We started looking into a trip to Yosemite shortly after Joshua Tree, but soon realized we needed to reserve a place almost a full year out. So, with Logan being deployed for most of 2020, we planned our trip for […]

  I usually go all out for Christmas in our home and the kids’ bedrooms are a top favorite of mine to decorate. My dad used to put Christmas lights around the ceiling perimeter in our rooms and it clearly left a lasting impression. I had big plans to put another live tree in Easton’s […]

There are a few things I don’t think I can ever have too many of. Wreaths, notebooks, throw blankets, pillow covers, table runners, holiday decor, and quilts-give me all the quilts! My love of quilts started after coming across Stitched and Found. Hannah is a lover of vintage quilts and finds them at flea markets […]

This photoshoot is near and dear to my heart because this beautiful lady has become part of our family this year. Gracyn has been our date night baby sitter for the last several years. I actually poached her from another family who was looking for a babysitter in the area. (Horrible, I know!) I private […]