We headed out early one morning in search of fresh strawberries! Amelia wasn’t the best strawberry picker, but she sure did look cute wearing another one of my childhood outfits! Easton was surprised at the small size of the strawberries compared to the ones we picked in California. Good thing that didn’t affect the taste! […]

From the moment we received notice that Logan had been selected to become a warrant officer, we were excited! Who wouldn’t be? What we weren’t thinking about was how much money we were about to shell out in preparation for Warrant Officer Basic Course or WOBC (pronounced Wo-Bic) and what it would entail. Logan did […]

  • Kourtney - Wow, so impressed with this post and so interesting – even though we’ll never be doing WOBC! Or at least I really don’t think so! I’m so surprised you spent so much money, but also not because we’ve been dealing with our own training evolution lately and it’s been at least half of that and I was NOT expecting it! I will definitely share this with any friends that go that route because it seems so helpful! Big congrats to Logan! We’re happy for y’all!


After three days of rain last week, we ventured outside to have some fun. Amelia peeked out from her rain coat to see what on earth I was thinking. Every Wednesday, we try to take a field trip to a new place. This past Wednesday, we visited the National Air and Space Museum. Easton enjoyed […]

Hanging out at brother’s baseball practice thinking she’s pretty cool in her sunglasses! This month’s toy of choice is superheroes. Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, Iron Man, and Captain America are invading my home and almost every conversation. Even when Easton runs, he pretends his hands are rocket boosters. He will thrust them behind him while making […]

It’s been pretty evident to me that more people read my blog and comment on my posts when I’m talking about Logan, so get excited people, this entire post is all about him! And what wife doesn’t like doting on her husband? On September 1st, Logan was promoted to Gunnery Sergeant. Just a few short […]

  • Kayla Risner - Beautifully written. Way to go Logan! Prayers for you and your family. ♥️ReplyCancel