Carlsbad Strawberry Fields

This past weekend, my strawberry-loving family and I visited the Carlsbad strawberry fields to pick our own strawberries.


Easton enjoyed getting to learn where strawberries come from and Logan and I enjoyed tasting them to make sure they were edible. 🙂


We can assure you, fresh strawberries are the best!



It was a lot bigger than I had imagined. There were literally fields and fields of strawberries. We filled our bucket in about five minutes!


Then the planning began of what to do with all of our fresh strawberries. I ended up putting them on some angel food cake and topping it with whipped cream! yum! The boys preferred theirs straight out of the bucket.


After we finished picking strawberries, we hopped aboard a tractor ride and toured the fields. Easton’s favorite part was when the farmer let him “drive” the tractor. We just might have a little farmer on our hands here! Last month in school, Easton learned all about life on the farm and this month he is learning about how we plant the food we eat. So I’d say our little field trip was perfectly planned!


Here’s a picture of me when I was almost 5 years old picking strawberries! So glad I get to share the same experiences with my child.

strawberrypicedited copy

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