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From the desk of Easton: The days of dreaming are over, A superhero I am today. Fighting villains in dark alleys, But still making time to play. Kung-fu punches and spandex leggings, My shield always by my side. I will fight to destroy all broccoli, Or just learn to run and hide. I look out […]

From the desk of Amelia: My favorite sound on Thursday nights, Is the ice cream trucks melodic tune. It tells me that it’s not too far, And I’ll have my ice cream soon. I love most any flavor, But chocolate is the best. It doesn’t even phase me, That it makes such a mess. Brother […]

From the desk of Easton: Brush, brush, brush That’s what I hear all day, To rid me of my morning breath And keep the cavities away. I love to eat corn on the cob But really hate to floss, My dentist says it’s important And my mom says she is the boss. I fell and […]

Height: 32.5″ Weight: 28 lbs Sleeping patterns: Thanks to daylight savings time, we were able to push Amelia’s bedtime back to 1900. She goes down without any issues and sleeps until at least 0700.  Nap time is around 1200 and she will usually sleep for 3 hours. Feeding schedule: Amelia is still a great little […]

Height: 31.2″ Weight: 26 lbs Sleeping patterns: Amelia goes to bed at 1830 and usually wakes up around 0630. Since starting daycare, she was forced to turn her two naps a day into just one long one. It was rough at first, but she is adjusting. She goes down around 1200 for nap and sleeps […]