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From the desk of Amelia: Like a newborn colt who just found her legs, I’m learning to walk on these two thin pegs. Bucking and swaying from side to side, Some people giggle at my new found stride. I may get excited and move too fast, But my arms are there to catch me and […]

Height: 28.3″ Weight: 20.2 lbs Sleeping patterns: Amelia is sleeping through the night! She goes to bed at 1800 and wakes up around 0630. She is napping twice a day at around 0900 and 1300. Feeding schedule: I finished breastfeeding Amelia this month and have been trying to introduce organic whole milk. So far, she […]

Height: 28″ Weight: 20 lbs Sleeping patterns: Amelia is doing much better sleeping through the night. She goes to bed at 1800 and doesn’t wake until 0400 or 0500 to eat before laying back down until 0700 or even 0800! I’m loving the extra sleep. Nap time is twice a day at 0900 and 1330 […]

Height: 27.8″ Weight: 18.4 lbs Sleeping patterns: Amelia is still waking up once a night to eat. The time varies. Sometimes it’s 0200 consistently for a few days, and others it’s 0400. Some nights she sleeps until 0500. I just can’t seem to figure her out! Her normal wake up time is around 0630 though […]

Height: 27″ Weight: 18 lbs Sleeping patterns: Amelia has done better this month with sleeping through the night after a few nights of letting her cry it out. She still goes to bed at 1800 and wakes up around 0500. I’ll feed her and she’ll go back to sleep until 0730 or 0800. Her morning […]