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We went to Disneyland for the first time for Easton’s 5th birthday. Out of all the rides at the park, Amelia’s favorite was the carousel – go figure! Easton put his new Thor hammer and costume to good use by wearing it to the park to meet his fellow superhero, Spiderman.

Windows down makes for one joyful little girl. Easton celebrated his 5th birthday this weekend with all his friends in true superhero style. I love his genuine smile that I captured, courtesy of his new Thor hammer!

Fall has arrived here in San Diego! Well, not really- it’s still blazing hot. But it is October, so off to the Bate’s Nut Farm pumpkin patch we went! They had ponies to ride and Amelia loved getting to ride her pony named Pal. Easton was pretty excited to take Tucker around for a spin […]

Someone thinks fooling around at bath time with daddy is hilarious. Even a tree at the mall is no match for Easton. If you can climb it, he’s on it!

In Virginia, all of Easton’s friends had a scooter, so of course, he had to have one. As soon as Amelia started walking, she did not want to be left out! Our good friends gave us one of their scooters that their son had outgrown so Amelia could practice. I am now happy to report […]