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It’s that time of year again! Christmas photos are in full swing no matter where you live. My sweet neighbor, Chandler, asked if I’d shoot some photos of her and her husband, Eamonn, for their Christmas card pictures and I was more than happy to oblige. (I’m pretty sure Chandler used to be a model […]

Well, I can now say that I live next door to a published author! How cool is that? My neighbor, Dan, just finished writing a novella called “Saving Ebenezer.”   Here’s a brief synopsis of the book from Dan:   “Seven years after Jacob Marley and the three ghosts of Christmas changed Ebenezer’s life, Scrooge […]

I just love getting to do a photo shoot for a family that I’m close to. It hardly feels like work! The Adcox family are our neighbors here in San Diego and I must say, they are pretty awesome. Christie is the type of friend that helps out in any way she can. Need a […]

While planning our trip to Joshua Tree National Park, I may have picked out an outfit for Amelia so that I could take some styled photos of her while we were there. Amelia loves a pretty dress and some bubble gum, so that part was taken care of. I waited until she was properly fed […]

When Amelia’s daycare provider brought home a cute little piggy, my brain immediately knew that I was going to be borrowing him for a photo shoot! It just so happened that I knew someone who owned a farm here in San Diego! Remember our German Shepherd, Trigger? This is his neighbor’s farm! So off we […]