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It really is a shame she has no personality! Frozen yogurt with good friends always brings big smiles.

I love how her hair curls up when exposed to the salt air. I can see a lot of curls in our future this summer. I wasn’t expecting to stay at the beach for five hours with the kids on Saturday! So, with no lunches packed, we stopped on the way home for some yummy […]

We headed outside at the first word of RAIN, only to be graced with a few light sprinkles. Rain is rare here in San Diego, so we may get overly excited . . .  but the kids are always happy at the chance to go out and play in it.

“On the playground where I spend most of my days…” Or, building things with Legos in the early morning light.

We took the kids to a skate park to ride their scooters and Amelia had no fear. I helped her go down a ramp and then she was on her own after that! I’m thinking she needs some skater girl threads! Easton did great too and didn’t want to leave until he wiped out and […]