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The days are getting longer and warmer here. Amelia got to enjoy her first popsicle one hot afternoon, dirty hands and all! We enjoyed our bubble machine one night and Easton fought them off in true ninja turtle style! Save Save

I love how Amelia’s hair gets curly when its wet. She was adamant about holding the umbrella the entire time we were outside. I’m hoping she’ll eventually learn that holding it above your head will keep you much drier! Easton’s chores include feeding Semper and the occasional morning walk if he wakes up early enough. […]

We checked out a new park recently called Fantasy Playground. It was built in 1989 mostly out of wood and has an awesome fort-like feel to it. The kids absolutely loved it! I caught Amelia peeking down a tunnel made out of old tires. I didn’t see much of Easton once we got to the […]

We went exploring around the National Military Park here in Virginia with some friends. Amelia thoroughly enjoyed the cannons, or maybe it was the giant bag of grapes she got to carry around. Easton could have cared less about the snacks and was more concerned with running through the battlefields and finding the biggest stick […]

Winter bid us farewell with a small snow storm just days before spring. While most people were complaining, I was pretty excited since we’ve had a mild winter this year and I was off work to enjoy it. Amelia looked like an adorable little marshmallow in her new snow suit. I’m pretty sure this is […]