Citrus Lane: March Box

Easton’s March box from Citrus Lane arrived the other day. I must say, we are getting a little bit lotioned out! It seems like there is lotion in every box! Maybe it’s like the women’s Birch boxes where you get tea when they need a filler?  Oh, well. Take a look at what else Easton got in his March box.

  • You Are My Baby book from Chronicle Books. Two books in one! Just turn the page of the little book nestled inside the bigger book to match the babies to their parents. This is a really cute book. It also comes in a safari, ocean, and garden animal versions.
  • Hape Qubes city planner blocks. Easton really enjoyed playing with these blocks. And yes, banging them on the window counts as playing, according to him.
  • Citrus hydrating body lotion from Weleda. All organic ingredients like aloa vera, coconut, and sesame oil. It smelled great and went on smoothly. The only downside was the pump. It didn’t have a regular ‘neck’ on it like most pumps and the lotion dripped down the side unless you held it at an angle.
  • Medi Buddy from Me4Kidz. An easy to stow first aid kit. Always handy when you have a boy!



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