Disneyland & Huntington Beach Getaway

Before Logan left for his deployment in April, we decided to take a little impromptu trip up to Disneyland and Huntington Beach for the weekend. You military spouses know how it is, trying to fit everything fun in right before an upcoming move or deployment. So, staying true to military tradition, we packed our bags for a little weekend getaway, Semper included!

The kids passed out on the short 1.5 hour drive up from San Diego. I love getting to look back on photos from our lives and see Semper in them. I normally wouldn’t share this type of photo but I couldn’t resist when I came across it. Easton’s hand on Semper while he sleeps just melted my heart. Semper was such a big part of our family.

Our first night there, we took the kids to the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure. It’s a pirate version of Medieval Times. The food was about as good as cafeteria food but the show was very entertaining.

The entire next day was spent at Disneyland. Easton rode his favorite ride multiple times (Star Wars), we caught a parade, and Amelia indulged in all her favorite foods; a churro and a Dole Whip!

We slept in late the next morning and enjoyed our hotel room overlooking Huntington Beach. I’m so happy I took these pictures of Semper with the kids. 

After breakfast, we headed down to the beach for a little sand castle building and a family bike ride before heading back home.

Huntington Beach

I’d be perfectly fine doing this every weekend, minus the looming deployment of course.

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