Easton’s Escapades: Grocery shopping

From the desk of Easton:

I’d thought I’d share with you some pictures Mom took of me at the grocery store a few months back. I’m not sure why we go there.  She complains an awful lot every time we go, and we seem to go there quite often. You’d think if she didn’t like it, that she wouldn’t go! She even brought her camera there, so she must not hate it.

Mom makes a list before we go and then walks up and down the aisles. Back and forth, back and forth. It’s like she can’t decide. I don’t know why she doesn’t just look at the list she made.  At least I get a good seat. Sometimes she even lets me sit in the shopping cart that looks like a car!

I don’t mind going to the grocery store because Mom feeds me yummy snacks the whole time and lots of people wave at me. I only get fussy towards the end because my butt starts to go numb.


Once we get home, Mom unloads the car and puts all her new things away. She doesn’t look like she enjoys this either. Why she bought them if she didn’t like them is beyond me! Oh well, till next time!

xo Easton

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