Easton’s Escapades: My New Year’s Resolutions

From the desk of Easton:


With the New Year in full swing, I thought I’d join the countless others and share my New Year’s resolutions. I think mommy and daddy will be quite pleased. Most of these “wills” should be replaced with “try” but hey, go big or go home, right?

  1. I will eat more vegetables and less dog food.
  2. I will play with my real toys that mommy and daddy have bought me and leave the random household objects and their phones alone.
  3. I will stop thinking it’s an open invitation to raid the fridge when someone opens it and not use the dishwasher as my jungle gym.
  4. I will raise my hand when I am done with my food instead of throwing it on the floor.
  5. I will stop feeding my hairy brothers food from my plate unless I want to help mom clean the carpet.
  6. I will wait patiently and not whine while mom prepares my food (she says this only slows her down, but ironically I see her moving much faster?).
  7. I will learn to say what type of food I want for a snack instead of dragging it out of the pantry and all over the floor.
  8. I will stop playing ‘toss everything overboard’ while mommy tries to change my diaper (although that game never gets old!).
  9. I will hold still while mommy changes me because I can get back to what I was doing that much faster.
  10. I will try to curb my deepest desires to play with scissors and outlet covers.
  11. I will stop pulling all the toilet paper off the roll and making a castle for mommy  (she can be so unappreciative sometimes!).
  12. I will stop trying to help mommy re-organize under the bathroom sink. She never puts things back the way I had them.
  13. I will try to be nicer to Semper and Trigger by not pulling their hair or using them as my personal pinata.
  14. I will try to be more expressive in telling my parents what I need or what is bothering me instead of whining.
  15. I will learn that the trash can is for dirty things, not for tv remotes or a place to get snacks from.
  16. I will work on pronouncing the ‘m’ consonant so that everything I say doesn’t sound like ‘dada’ and hurt mommy’s feelings.

And that’s it, folks! I hope some of my friends can check in on me from time to time and hold me accountable. Resolutions can be hard to keep, but at least mommy and daddy know I’m trying! Happy New Year!

xo Easton


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