Easton’s Escapades: Sink or Swim

From the desk of Easton:

In the month of February (when most people are still wearing jackets here in California), I was taken to a pool and told I would be learning how to swim. Despite the pool being heated, having a buoy strapped to my back and being made to do something more suitable for a fish, was not how I had envisioned my Saturday going.

I had heard it all before – “you’ll appreciate this when you’re older,” “your mom was a great swimmer, so it’s in your blood,” and “these skills are so important.” All of these things didn’t matter – swimming was not fun.

Apparently, my whining and crying didn’t deter my parents from bringing me back, week after week.

Slowly but surely, my frown turned upside down. I finally couldn’t hide my joy anymore – swimming WAS fun! Every week I improved and learned something new.

I now look forward to showing off my new skills each week to Mom and Dad. Who knew swimming wasn’t just for the bath tub?

I can’t wait to swim in my own pool this summer and impress all my friends! Bring on the backyard barbeques and pool parties- knowing how to swim is where it’s at!

Watch out, Nemo – there’s a new fish in town!


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