Décor Diaries: Front Door Makeover

Front door makeover

My first question when moving into a home on base, or any home for that matter, is, “what does it look like??” (I think you’ve got to look for the silver lining when faced with multiple moves.) It’s exciting to know what your new home looks like and I usually spend waaaay too much time looking at the pictures of the inside of the home imagining where my furniture is going to go. I’m sure I could find more exciting things to do with my time, but I like to decorate, OK?

While everyone may not see the decor on the inside of your home, they will always be able to see the outside of your home. What do they always say on HGTV? A home’s curb appeal is so important! And curb appeal starts at the front door. Since we are living on base here in Virginia, I knew we were limited to what we could change.

Our house is a white row home with tan shutters and a brownish red front door. That front door was screaming at me to jazz it up. After walking through the neighborhood several times with my dog, Semper, I realized that every door that was red was a different shade. I don’t think there was one that was alike! So I made up my mind that there was no way anyone would be able to tell that I gave it a new paint job. So off to Home Depot we went!

If you are looking to update your front door too, there are several things to keep in mind to really make it great. Here’s my list of front door makeover tips!

Front door makeover tips:

  • Color selection. When selecting a paint color for the front door, keep in mind the color of the exterior of the house, whether it is the paint color of the siding or the color of the brick or the shutters. If you want to paint your door red, for instance, and your shutters are brown, you should pick out a red that has brownish or yellowish undertones. If your shutters are black, you can go with the cool reds with bluish undertones. Just make sure it all coordinates.
  • Update door hardware. This could include the peep hole, door knob, door knocker, door bell, and kick plate. I tried to salvage the existing kick plate on our front door but it was so badly scratched, covered in paint drips from the previous paint job and dull looking that we decided to buy a new one. $15 was a small price to pay for a big update. If you own your home, new lighting really adds a punch!
  • Wreaths. Sighhhhhh. Just imagine your front door is a present. Would you give someone a wrapped present with no bow on top? Ok some of you would, but wouldn’t it look so much better with a bow? A wreath finishes your door. It is the bow on top of the present. But you can’t just slap any ‘ol bow on it. Size plays a huge factor in deciding what wreath to pick. Most doors are 36″ wide. Choose a wreath proportionate to your front door. I chose a 22″ wreath which is probably the smallest you’d want to go. There’s nothing worse than a beautiful front door with an itty bitty wreath hanging on it. Go big or go home, right?
  • Accessorize! You put in all this hard work and now it’s time to add the finishing touches. I love the look of the classic American flag. You can never go wrong with one! I also purchased a shiny gold wreath hanger to match the new kick plate. A front door mat is also a great accessory. Try one with your family name or family initial. I purchased our monogramed door mat from Personalized Doormats Company and I couldn’t be happier. The border and personalization on these doormats is flocked instead of painted which makes these doormats fade resistant as well. The holidays are also a great time to add potted plants and seasonal decor to your front door to really dress it up. Whatever it is that makes your home resemble you and your families style, go for it. Let’s not get crazy though, no one wants to see a million plastic flamingos on your porch, even if you do live in Florida!

Before Picture (taken in the middle of our first blizzard!)

Front door makeover.

I’m thrilled with how it turned out. Such a big impact for a small amount of money. And even in base housing for that matter!

Before picture on the left, after picture on the right.


Welcome to our home!


I hope these tips inspired you to give your front door the wow factor it deserves! What’s your favorite color front door?

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