Fun With Friends

While home in Jacksonville, I was able to squeeze in visits with most of my friends. It’s always great seeing friends and picking up where we left off. The only big change this time was that most of my friends now have babies themselves!

I got to see Rebecca, her husband Josh, and their son, Nolan, before I left Tennessee. The Hewiett’s live in Huntsville, AL which is about 3.5 hours away from Jackson, TN. I have known Rebecca since middle school and love her family dearly. The last time I saw Rebecca we were both pregnant, so it was awesome getting to see each other and have our sons meet for the first time. Yep, that’s right. We both had sons and they are only 17 days apart!

Nolan and Easton playing in their pj’s!


Rebecca and me with our boys!



Then, while in Jacksonville, I met up with my high school friend, Traci. She had a baby girl, Charli, almost exactly 3 months before Easton was born. She just so happened to be moving from California to South Carolina and was spending a few weeks with her family as well.


Charli was a bit more advanced then Easton, and I think it shows from these pictures! He did not know how to handle her hugging all over him!


Next up was my friend Chelsey, whom I met in Memphis, TN. She is my fellow crafter and we enjoyed double dates at Mellow Mushroom quite frequently. She just recently moved down to Orlando, FL and drove up to spend the day with us. Her daughter, Veida, is four months younger then Easton.

And yes, Veida was born with all that hair!

blog8693 copy


One Saturday we decided to head down to the Riverside Arts Market where we met up with another high school friend’s family. My friend, Mikki, lives in Charlotte, NC and so sadly was not there, but I have always been close with Mikki’s family and wanted to see them while I was in town and let them meet Easton.


Moving right along, we have my good friend Sarah’s mother, Margaret. I have known Sarah since elementary school and our mothers are good friends as well. Sarah is living in New Orleans with her husband, Michael, right now while she attends med school (so she’s a little busy). Margaret lives in Orlando, FL  and wanted to stop by to meet Easton while she was in town.


And last but not least, Rebecca came into town, so we were able to meet up again before saying goodbye. Here’s a group shot of everyone at lunch. So glad that I could see them one last time!

blog9069 copy

And that completes my week of visiting with friends! The Lord has blessed me with some awesome people in my life, and I look forward to all the new ones that I’ve yet to meet!


Life hands us many different things, good and bad. One of the greatest gifts we receive is the love of a good friend.  -unknown

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