Our Garden

There was already a huge garden in our backyard when we moved in last summer. We enjoyed the abundance of fresh veggies so much that we decided to plant our own garden this year, and it’s something Logan has wanted to do for some time now.

We have been working hard on our garden since January. For Logan, it’s either all or nothing.

First, we built a fence around the garden to keep out Peter Rabbit and his friends.

Look how huge it is!



For free wood I think it turned out pretty good! Logan is quite crafty! 😉


Next, it was time to fertilize and till the soil. I was an awesome cheerleader for Logan.


Ready for some plants…and a walkway.


We chose three different types of tomatoes along with a few other things.


Easton even got to help plant some!


We planted tomatoes, cucumbers, honey dew melon, strawberries, lettuce, and flowers.


Then it was time to fertilize them.


After a week of good rain, we noticed the first sign of lettuce pushing it’s way up through the dirt! How exciting is that?


Our wildflowers are taking off too!


There is also a grapevine closer to the house that we pruned and it has taken off as well. Look at the tiny baby grapes! Adorable!


We added a few stepping stones in the center of the garden and planted a ton of flowers around the perimeter. I can’t wait for them to start blooming! Who knew a garden could be so exciting? I love the idea of having fresh food growing right in our backyard, and I think it’s going to be a great learning experience for Easton.

I will definitely be doing a follow up post on our garden once everything starts taking off. I think a “Staggs Family Garden” sign is in order as well.

  • Daneri Gay - Pretty impressive!ReplyCancel

  • Susie R. - I can’t wait til we have a bigger yard for an awesome garden like yours! For now we have a potted garden. Fresh veggies are the best! Looks awesome.ReplyCancel

    • elil72 - Thanks, Susie! Potted gardens are just as good! My neighbor grows some yummy tomatoes that way!ReplyCancel

  • Kylene "KiKi" Gay - I’m hoping to get more than 1 edible tomato out of my garden this year! Yours looks awesome! I especially love Easton “helping” in every single picture. 😉ReplyCancel

    • elil72 - Thanks you sister. Maybe we’ll have some things growing by the time you come back to visit.ReplyCancel

  • Susannah - This is fabulous!!! I can’t wait until I have a place where I can have a garden!ReplyCancel

    • elil72 - Thanks, Susannah!It definitely takes up a lot of room. Just lucky that the space was already there when we moved in.ReplyCancel

  • Joyce - Love it! You two are great parents. Teaching Easton how to garden is awesome. Love all the pics. Thanks for sharing them. ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca Hewiett - What a great family project. Can’t wait to see it in person very soon! I love that Easton is helping so much. We get Nolan to sweep the driveway on a daily basis lately ;).ReplyCancel

    • elil72 - Sweeping the driveway sounds very productive! Good job, Nolan! He can help pick some plants (hopefully) when he comes to visit in May!ReplyCancel

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