La Jolla Cove

Now that we’re getting settled into our new home, we decided to get out and explore California! Our first stop was La Jolla Cove. It’s only about a 25 minute drive from our home, so we headed over one Saturday afternoon. It was very crowded (as is everything in California) but we were able to find a parking spot and walk down to the water. blog0041

The beach was small, but it was filled with people swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, paddle boarding, kayaking, and relaxing.


I had heard that there were sea lions there, but there were so many people swimming around that it was hard to know what was what. We all of a sudden heard barking noises and started looking around and the sea lions were swimming right up to the people by the shore! It was crazy!


And after that, they were everywhere! Swimming up to people, lounging on the beach and rocks, and even inside a cave we saw. I am definitely going to have to come back and swim in the water with them. Surely there’re enough people swimming around that the chances of me getting bitten by a shark would be slim, right? We saw a local on our way up the coastline and he said there hadn’t been a shark attack here since 1959. So that was reassuring…maybe I’ll stick with paddle boarding though, just to be safe. lajolla5

There was also a cave that people were kayaking into. I’m not sure how many sea lions were in there, but you could hear their barks echoing from far away!


After walking around the beach area, we decided to hike up the coast a little ways to see some more of the ocean views. Easton loves being outdoors and especially getting the best seat in the house (daddy’s shoulders, of course)!


There were so many kayakers! See all the dark spots in the water? Those are all sea lions!



Views from the top!


Headed back down!


They had a lot of grassy areas where people were barbecuing and hanging out. There were also two weddings going on! Everyone was trying to get in on the views! We stopped for a while and let Easton crawl around.




After leaving the Cove, we drove 5 minutes over to the Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial. You can take a trolley tour up to the memorial and to many other places in San Diego. Just check out their schedule to see the different tours that they offer. Yet another fun thing to add to our list of things to do here!


The memorial is dedicated to all of our veterans and featured beautiful panoramic views of the ocean and downtown San Diego.

blog0127 copy


And that sums up our outing to La Jolla Cove and Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial.  Hope you enjoyed the tour! Stay tuned for our next California adventure!




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