My “peaceful mom moment”


Every mom has something that she likes to do in peace.  From talking with other moms, I’ve found that most would say taking a shower, going to the bathroom, checking their email, or completing a household chore would be things they like to do without interruption. While I feel that all of these things are equally important, my top thing to do would not be one of these.

If I had to pick one thing to be able to do in peace, without a toddler tugging at my leg or listening to redundant whining, it would be, without a doubt, eating.

I have always been the type of person that never wanted to share a meal with anyone. What can I say?  I order what I want and I intend to eat all of it! Don’t let my size fool you – I have quite the ferocious appetite. I am however, a very fast eater. Ten minutes is all I need! (I know, not the healthiest thing. I’m sure if I slowed down, I wouldn’t eat as much as I do.) I just want ten minutes of blissful eating.

It doesn’t matter if Easton has just eaten dinner or not, he will always stand at our chair wanting to try something on our plates. If I give him something, it usually ends up on the floor. This frustrates me because I just lost a valuable bite of food! Okay, okay, so I might be a food snob, but I can’t help it. It’s my “peaceful mom moment.” It’s the one thing I like to do in peace, without interruption. One morning I even snuck past him with my bowl of cereal, just so I could eat in peace! Showering with a toddler banging on the glass door – no worries. Going to the bathroom with a toddler standing between my legs – got it. Folding laundry while a toddler climbs all over my folded piles –  no problem. But bother me while I’m eating and we’ve got problems!

Having a child has definitely helped me be more patient in this area. For one, I am well aware that I can not sit down at a restaurant and expect to eat my entire meal without having to stop and feed my son. It just comes with the territory. I will sometimes even share my food with others!! Crazy, huh? I’m making big improvements over here! What’s your “peaceful mom moment?”


  • Becca - My daughter usually doesn’t bother me while I’m eating because we always eat at the same time and she is so into her food that it’s no big deal. I wish I could have peace while cooking dinner every night. I’m always having to shoo her away from the oven that she can reach the top of or to get her away from the cat food or get her out of the pantry. And once she throws a fit about all the things I won’t let her do, she sits right under my feet. Drives me nuts. I’m definitely still working on my patience when it comes to that.ReplyCancel

    • elil72 - I can’t believe I forgot about cooking! lol That is definitely a hassle if Logan isn’t home to help keep Easton occupied while I’m cooking. And Easton will sit right under my feet too, I trip over him quite often.
      It is a lot better though when we all eat together. I just need someone to come cook for me! hahaReplyCancel

  • Rebecca Hewiett - Mine is probably cooking dinner as well – once Nolan SMELLS the food, he will not leave me alone until we eat. Sigh…ReplyCancel

    • elil72 - I usually go through a ton of snacks trying to keep Easton happy if I wait so that we can all eat together… the boy likes to eat at 1700 sharp!ReplyCancel

  • Barbara - With 3, I have learned that there will be no peace until bedtime. My moment would be when they are all in bed and I get my wine and FINALLY sit down for the first time that day. I get frustrated if they interrupt that with a 3rd bathroom trip, or “I need another sip of water..”, among other excuses to get up.ReplyCancel

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