Storybook Quilt by CLT Handmade

There are a few things I don’t think I can ever have too many of. Wreaths, notebooks, throw blankets, pillow covers, table runners, holiday decor, and quilts-give me all the quilts! My love of quilts started after coming across Stitched and Found. Hannah is a lover of vintage quilts and finds them at flea markets across Tennessee. I’ve been lucky enough to snag 3 quilts from her (they go super fast, like in the first minute of her posting them!) and don’t think I’ll ever get tired of adding to my collection.

And, as it just so happens, one of my closest friends since childhood, Mikki, makes quilts! Mikki made Amelia the cutest quilt when she was born and has since turned her love of quilting and crafting into a full-fledged business! CLT Handmade was created in 2018 and Mikki has been creating some of the cutest things for your little ones.

We were chatting on the phone one day and may have gotten a little too excited over deciding to collaborate on a project together! Mikki was wanting to start offering storybook quilts in her Etsy store and I was more than happy to show off her beautiful work.

Storybook quilts are quilts that match a specific book. With Christmas quickly approaching, we decided to go with The Nutcracker. We were able to agree on fabric and a few other design elements and before I knew it, I had a beautifully wrapped quilt at my door!

I know she’s my friend but I can’t tell you enough how talented Mikki is. Just look at that diamond stitching and hand sewn binding! She really takes her time and puts love into everything she makes. Amelia loves that she has a quilt that matches one of her favorite Christmas books and when Christmas is over, I can flip the quilt to the pattern on the back and still keep it on her bed. Brilliant, right?

Go check out her site for her storybook quilts and peruse around at all of the other handmade items she has to offer. I have no doubt you’ll be able to find the perfect Christmas gift for a little one on your list!

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