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After almost two months in Florida, we said goodbye to family and friends and hopped on a plane headed west to California! Easton enjoyed getting a better look at the planes before we boarded. Amelia was thrilled to find an ice cream truck in our new neighborhood! This picture is such a true representation of […]

We spent one last week in Florida before heading west to California. We visited the Jacksonville Zoo with friends and Amelia stopped to admire the animal carousel before heading in search of the giraffes. Easton enjoyed one last dip in the Florida ocean. He loved the ocean this year and had a blast splashing in […]

After spending some time in Tennessee visiting Logan’s family, we drove back down to Florida to spend a week at the beach with my family before heading off to California. One of Amelia’s favorite things to do there was collecting hermit crabs. There was definitely no shortage of them and she searched for them any […]

We spent the afternoon at a splash pad while visiting Logan’s family in Tennessee. Do not let this angelic face fool you- this girl is hilariously mischievous and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Logan got to take Easton out for a ride on an ATV while visiting his dad. Our usually cautious child […]

We’ve had such a blast this summer being nomads, but sometimes living out of a suitcase for months isn’t always fun and glamorous. Because eventually, the clean clothes will run out and laundry is inevitable. Thankfully, I had this cutie to keep me company. We’ve been go go go all summer long, so sometimes a […]