Take Your Family to Work Day

While it wasn’t really “take your family to work day”, we pretended it was and squeezed in a quick tour of Logan’s shop before he jetted off to Japan. He is an aviation maintenance officer in the Marines and is in charge of making sure the CH-53’s stay up and running.  The kids enjoyed getting to see the helicopter up close and I enjoyed getting to tag along and take photos. I’m pretty sure taking photos is part of my love language. 🙂

How cute are these smiles?

The kids even got to sit up in the cockpit! (A clear advantage of going to visit on the weekend.)

Aviator Easton

Thankful for a fire bottle (large fire extinguisher) hanging out on the flight deck that I could set my camera on for this family photo! Minus the harsh light and the fear of my camera falling, I’d say it was a win!

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