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Quantico, Virginia! Logan officially has orders and this family is going to be in for quite a shock, trading in our swimsuits for snowsuits! Not only that, but we are due to report in January!!

I can’t say that I’m thrilled about having to move in the dead of winter, but I am definitely ready for a change in scenery. I have loved living here in sunny San Diego for the past 2.5 years but I must admit that I miss the seasons (please remind me of this when I’m freezing my butt off in the snow). I was actually born in Richmond, Virginia and lived there until I was four before moving to Jacksonville, Florida. I don’t remember everything about Virginia, but I do remember raking up huge piles of leaves and jumping in them with the neighbors. Or being tossed up in the air in blankets during the fall. During winter our neighbor who had a tractor would tie all of our sleds together and pull us down the street. I can’t wait for Easton to see snow and go sledding.

Another great thing about being stationed in Quantico is that we’re only 30 miles from Washington, D.C. My parents took us there as kids and there is so much to see and do. Not to mention the cherry blossoms in the Spring!! That may have been the first thing I thought of when Logan told me where we were headed. A mom photographers dream!! I’m slowly starting to prepare Logan for all the photo opportunities that living somewhere with all four seasons has to offer. I also really miss thunderstorms, something that San Diego never sees! Easton might be a little freaked out the first time he hears one, but I’m going to be in Heaven!

Quantico, known as “the Crossroads of the Marine Corps,” is the beating heart of the Marines, and has amazing things to see like the National Marine Corps Museum and performances by the silent drill team. I saw the silent drill team perform when I was young and I can remember it giving me chill bumps then. Easton is going to be entranced!

There are some many questions I have running through my mind about living somewhere cold: do we need flannel sheets on our bed? How heavy of a jacket do I really need? Do we need an electric snow blower? Will my car be ok driving in the snow? If you live somewhere that snows, what are your cold weather essentials?

The next few months are going to be a little chaotic but fun. We are headed to Florida to spend December and a few weeks in January there before finishing the drive up to Virginia. Please say some prayers for us that everything is smooth sailing. Moving with kids definitely makes things a whole lot trickier, but we are excited to be moving back to the east coast!

  • Chelsey - Yippie!!! Ok, growing up in Michigan I can tell you everything you’ll need for the cold temps. 😉 Down Winter Jackets for the family and flanel sheets in the winter are a must. Your sheet warmer thing will be perfect! I’m sure your jeep has 4 wheel drive? Get an ice scraper! Remember we got a few bad snows in Memphis, I miss the snow! Can’t wait for us to be on the east coast together!! XoxoReplyCancel

  • Becca - Yay! A change is always fun! Definitely a change of temperature though but I bet your kids will have a blast playing in the snow!ReplyCancel

    • admin - I’m hoping so! I’ve already picked out a sled that I think he’ll love for a Christmas present. Guess I can always ride it if he chickens out!!ReplyCancel

  • Shannon - So excited for you! before moving to the west coast last year I lived in D.C for 4 years and I lived in Maryland for 9 years back when I was in elementary/middle school. Get an ice scraper for the mornings (and factor in the time it takes to chip away at the frost if you have to be anywhere on time). I used to turn my car on and then go back inside and finish getting ready while it warmed up and defrosted.

    And yes they get snow but the past few years have been kinda weak, only a couple inches or maybe one big storm here and there. Snow days even as a “adult” are the best!. They love to talk about the weather and always predict major snowfall and everyone stocks up on milk and bread?? and then it’s usually barely a dusting and big let down. They salt all the streets all winter long, plus they generally plow for you wherever you live (I was living in a town home and the plow came through after every snow fall). I had a jeep with no four wheel drive- you’ll be fine. The main roads always get cleared quickly.

    Coming from California the cold might be more of a shock so I might recommend flannel sheets, though I never had them (just crank that heat 🙂 Down coats are good if you’re going to be out, plus the usual gloves, scarves, hat.

    D.C. is such a fun city, especially with kids. All the Smithsonians are free (and indoors which is good for wintertime)! Would love to give you more recs! Good luck prepping for your pcs!!ReplyCancel

    • admin - Good to know that they salt the roads and plow them. It snowed in Memphis one year when we were stationed there and my car was slip sliding all over the road. Very scary!! Thank you for all the cold weather information! It’s great knowing people that have lived there before. Any extra info is always appreciated!ReplyCancel

  • April Jones - Oh. My.Goodness!!!!! I absolutely loooovvvveee your blog site I’ am also a Semper Fi wife! My husband & I are stationed in Cleveland, Ohio on recruiting duty! We just had a little one, Naomi Nicole. She’s 11 weeks. Anywho you have just encouraged me more, I’ve always been a busy body & although I adore & love being a mother I didn’t want to forget about me & my dreams. I love reading & writing, and since I’m so blessed without having to work I told myself I will blog! So I’m learning more about it day to day, and me coming across your page just motivated me more! You have a beautiful family! I’m a fan most definitely! Good luck on your move!! God bless! Hoorah !!!ReplyCancel

    • admin - Hi April! Thanks so much for stopping by! Blogging is such a good way to document your life, especially one that is as crazy as ours is in the military! My husband was also a recruiter out of Tennessee. I know how hard that B billet is. Hoping you’re almost done! Let me know what your blog is so I can say hello and follow along. Thanks for all the sweet compliments! ReplyCancel

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