5 motor homes with perfect space organization

Autotrailer (motor home, house on wheels) – this is a special vehicle: its van is a full-fledged housing. Of course, it does not resemble a three-storey mansion or even an impressive size apartment, but very similar to the small apartment.

If you thought that this option – only for bachelors, we hasten to surprise: whole families with children often live in such autohouses. And embody in the interiors of their homes on wheels valuable smarthacks for compact placement of furniture, accessories, and decor. Here are a few inspiring examples to share with you.

1 House for four, not counting the dog

Raising twin daughters while traveling across the country in a motorhome? Why not! That’s what the young family who owns the camper in these pictures decided. And judging by the happy faces of kids, they like this unusual childhood. Well, the owner of the house does not get tired of improving the interior, adding new details and sharing functional findings in her personal blog. By the way, the family did not deny themselves the pleasure of getting a pet: their dog often flashes in the family photos.

Owners of small rooms can “look up” a lot of useful ideas in this trailer:

  • open layout of the kitchen-living room to visually expand the space;
  • a fold-out sofa instead of a bed (the parents sleep on it, giving their daughters the main bedroom);
  • hooks and shelves as a way to make use of even the most “uncomfortable” corner;
  • decorative details and an abundance of textiles as a way to create a homely atmosphere (you have to agree, it “doesn’t smell like a trailer here”).
motor home

2 A touch of Scandi boho.

Another motor home, this time in a fashionable Scandi-Boho style. A young couple and their son live here, moving around from time to time.

Interior finds that will come in handy in any apartment:

  • storage systems under the ceiling, above window openings;
  • cabinets to the ceiling;
  • a compact WC and bathtub;
  • a mini laundry room in the alcove behind the curtain;
  • wall hooks and a small mirror in place of the bulky hallway furniture.

3 Light-colored motorhome

The interior of this motorhome is done in light colors, and a variety of textures and neat accents make it interesting and three-dimensional. Living in this cute Scandi trailer is a happy family with two children – a son and a daughter – of school age.

Ideas from this interior are on note:

  • window sill – bar;
  • color scheme (a great choice for small rooms);
  • configuration of the set (L-shaped arrangement and an island with a built-in double sink – compact, but functional);
  • a walk-in closet;
  • the side walls of the set, as well as the use of space under the wall cabinets (look at the placement of the holder for paper towels);
  • microwave above the stove;
  • a contrasting kitchen island.

4 Compact as can be.

The owners of this motorhome went a step further – and converted their minivan into compact housing. Here they managed to place a bed, and the dining area, and the kitchen, and a comfortable sleeping place. For a full-fledged living, of course, this option is hardly suitable, but for long trips with a stopover in places for camping – very much so.

Interior finds:

  • bed-podium;
  • a pull-out table;
  • the integration of the dining and relaxation areas.

5 Two-in-one.

This cute family with two kids also converted their minivan into a mobile home. And as an addition to the main small living trailer! As a result, the children and parents have their own private space. At the same time, for traveling “light”, you can get by with a minivan: there is a separate kitchenette, bed, a small storage system.

A few ideas that can be “spotted”:

  • a podium bed with a step-up counter and storage drawers;
  • wall-mounted bookshelves by the bed;
  • a sitting area with shelves in the base;
  • elimination of the sink in the bathroom;
  • low overhead storage cabinets under the ceiling.