How to choose a metal entrance door to the apartment

In order for the house to become a real fortress, it is not enough to have strong walls. Need more and reliable door that resists any attempt to break in. Often sellers in the pursuit of profit are trying to impose the most expensive model, although it is not the best.

Design features

Before going to the store, it is worth getting acquainted with the design. Performance properties are determined by the characteristics of the constituent elements.


  • The door frame, which is considered the frame of the system.
  • The leaf that closes and opens the opening. It is inserted into the frame. This is a frame clad on both sides with internal stiffening ribs. 
  • The hinges that hold the product to the box.
  • The seal, fixed in one or two loops.
  • Locks, handles, and other hardware.

The frame for the leaf is made of different materials, which determines its strength. The less welds on it, the better. The most reliable model – from profile pipe, which is connected by one seam. Maximum not durable frame, which is made of welded angles. The canvas, too, should be a single piece, without seams. It is made of two types of materials.


  • Hot-rolled steel. The cheapest and most corrosive material. It can be identified by its dark color, although it is not always visible under the decoration.
  • Cold-rolled metal. It is durable, resistant to corrosion and any atmospheric phenomena. The price is higher than that of analogues. 

Criteria for choosing a metal door 

Steel thickness

Steel sheets, of which the door leaves are made, have different thickness: from 0,08 and up to 0,5 cm. The thicker the metal, the stronger the product. But do not immediately choose the maximum thickness. With its increase in price and weight increases. A large weight implies problems with operation. 

Massive system opens and closes with effort, sags, fails faster. In addition, you will need reinforced fittings, which will ensure the normal functioning of the structure. And you need to be prepared for the fact that the system can fail before its lighter counterparts. 

Recommended thickness depending on the place of installation:

  • in houses and mansions – over 0.4 cm;
  • in apartments – 0.2-0.3 cm;
  • in offices located in protected buildings – 0.1-0.2 cm;
  • in the outbuildings – 0,08-0,1 cm.

Sometimes steel plate is put only on the outer side. This is economical, but very questionable in terms of security. It is good if there will be metal on both sides of the frame. Models are available with an additional sheet of steel placed between the two main ones. They provide increased security, but are not always appropriate. The best metal door manufacturers recommend paying attention to the area where the locks are located. They will be particularly affected by a burglary. It is better to reinforce them with additional steel or even armor plates. This greatly increases the level of protection, even if the thicker sheets of metal were not used for the fabrication of the leaf.

Stiffening ribs

Rigidity ribs give the webbing maximum strength and ability to resist mechanical impacts, they are located inside the construction. They can be placed horizontally, diagonally or vertically. Their number varies, but can not be less than three. A large number of ribs increases weight, and it is not always justified. 

Parts are made from angle and pipe of rectangular shape. They are reliable, but massive. Well-known manufacturers put ribs from rolled steel with a complex profile. It is very strong, but has a small weight. This allows you to strengthen the product and at the same time not make it heavier. The best entrance metal doors do not necessarily have to have a lot of weight, it is important that its elements are of high quality. Therefore, it is better to choose products from proven manufacturers. 

Hinges and their varieties

An important door element. If you choose it incorrectly, neither the most complex lock nor the strongest steel leaf will save it. Hinges come in two kinds.    

Open or surface-mounted

A simple and sufficiently reliable design. Well withstands the weight of the cloth, used for massive systems. Their price is noticeably lower than that of analogues. This is explained by the simple manufacturing technology. Under the open hinges it is not necessary to equip seating, use a hollow profile under the hidden mechanism. The main disadvantage – availability. Such hinges are located in plain sight and can be cut.

This disadvantage can be leveled in different ways. For example, choose a hinge group with turning pins, made of hardened steel. It is difficult to break in. Another way is to install anti-locking bolts. When the lock is locked, they fit into the grooves. In this position, it becomes impossible to remove the leaf. The type of hinges determines the resistance of the construction to burglary. Concealed mechanism is more reliable, but the risk of jamming increases. It will be difficult to repair it.


Multi-part hinges that cannot be accessed from the outside. This is their significant advantage, since it is impossible to cut such hinges. However, hidden elements have disadvantages. First of all, it is the need for frequent adjustments, which is due to their design. Such hinges often squeak and sag over time under the weight of the leaf. It is undesirable to choose them for very heavy products. But if it is still necessary, with a weight of more than 200 kg select high-quality elements. Otherwise, they will not last long.

Insulation of the door system

Entrance group should not only protect against unauthorized entry, but also be a barrier to noise, cold and unpleasant odors. Good insulation will provide all this. Each product consists of a frame, on which two steel plates are fixed. Between them are stiffeners, everything else is a void. They must be filled with a suitable insulator.

  • Pressed cardboard or paper. The cheapest option, most often found in Chinese manufacturers. Keeps heat well. It burns, is very hygroscopic, absorbs moisture and loses its properties.
  • Mineral wool. Good noise- and heat-insulating characteristics. Non-toxic and non-combustible. Of the disadvantages: you should be aware that over time, the material can sag. If water gets in, the insulating properties are lost.
  • Styrofoam. Effectively retains heat and sound, moisture-resistant. Reasonable price. The main disadvantage – it is easily flammable, in combustion emits toxic substances. 
  • Polyurethane foam. A good insulator. Durable, moisture-resistant and not sensitive to temperature changes. Can be flammable. 

Insulation of the door leaf is mandatory, otherwise the cold, noise and unpleasant odors will end up in the apartment. It is better to choose parts made of rubber, a little worse proved itself silicone and polyurethane. Cavities in the profiles are also filled, otherwise the insulation characteristics will be markedly reduced. Professionals advise, when choosing a metal entrance door, knock on it with a suitable object made of metal. The muffled sound indicates quality insulation. It is also important to have a seal. It gives a tight fit, thereby protecting against unpleasant odors, noise and drafts. In stores, there are products not only with one, but also with two, and sometimes three sealing contours. You should know that this is just a way to increase the price of the product. If you believe the reviews, one properly secured circuit seal made of rubber is quite enough. Polyurethane and silicone are somewhat worse. 

Finishing inside and out

Metal plates are strong, but not aesthetic, so they need decoration. If any material is suitable for the inside, the outside is decorated with resistant to adverse effects lining. Here are a few options.

  • Powder dyes. Top the top of the ways of finishing. Attractive durable coating that lasts a long time. At the same time, its price is low.
  • Solid wood. An expensive, environmentally friendly and very beautiful way of decoration. Can be polished, carved or stained.
  • Laminating with pvc film. Imitation of different materials is possible. The finish is fragile and short-lived.
  • Pvc panels. Performance characteristics are similar to the film. Wide range of design and short service life.