Jungle safari baby room decor

Features of the style

Safari – a kind of ethno-style. It is associated with Africa and involves bold combinations of bright warm colors on a calm beige and sandy background. This style is characterized by extensive use of natural materials: wood, natural stone, wool, animal skins and leather.

Safari style is often used for the design of themed restaurants and cafes, but it is quite appropriate and at home. In this spirit it is possible to decorate the lobby, living room, office.

Safari is quite appropriate in the room. The aura of travel, merging with nature, freedom is especially close to the boys, but many girls will also like the idea of bringing a piece of savannah into an ordinary room. It is not necessary to strictly maintain the style, you can only slightly hint at it, using appropriate color combinations and adding appropriate decor.

Colors: what range is suitable for the room

The safari style is characterized by complex, slightly muted, but quite intense natural tones that go well together:

  • all shades of green;
  • brown;
  • terracotta;
  • orange;
  • sunny yellow;
  • deep blue;
  • goldish;
  • khaki;
  • sandy;
  • beige;
  • cream;
  • ivory;
  • warm red;
  • purple.

Naturally, this range can not be limited. The main colors can be complemented by shades of blue, purple, warm pink.

All colors can be safely combined with each other. Safari style equally well accepts contrasting combinations, and smooth transitions.

For inspiration, you can use paintings with African motifs, colorful photos and even household items of the natives. For example, African textiles will prompt successful, although somewhat unusual color combinations.

Walls, floor and ceiling: rules of decoration

Safari allows any options for finishing walls: wallpaper, paint, textured plaster.

If you choose wallpaper, give preference to durable vinyl: they can be repainted, dense texture can withstand wet cleaning. Such wallpaper is harder to tear, and they are quite durable.

The walls should look as natural as possible. Accent can be decorated with a photo wallpaper in a suitable style, for example, and the image of antelope in the savannah or a sunset. It is better to choose a picture of photo wallpaper to your liking, because this finish will remain for a long time.

The ceiling should remain smooth, single-color. Safari style involves a lot of accentual detail, it is not worth overloading the room with unnecessary decor. It is possible to paint or install a stretch ceiling. In the latter case, you can install built-in lighting around the perimeter of the room, it will replace wall sconces and nightlights.

The floor in the safari style can be wooden or imitate wood. Laminate, boards covered with varnish, linoleum will do. If you prefer carpeting under the baseboard, choose not too light colors: beige, light brown, green. These colors are associated with the earth, grass, sand and perfectly support the chosen African theme.

A successful solution – the allocation of zones by means of flooring. The main part of the room can be covered with linoleum or laminate, and the game area can be covered with a long wool carpet. Products from easily erasable synthetic materials are more practical.

You can choose a carpet with an imitation of grass or animal fur. On such a surface is pleasant and safe to play, moreover, it is very decorating the room.

Choice of furniture

Safari style requires natural wood of all shades. The ideal option – solid wood covered with varnish, but also quality furniture made of MDF, laminated with film will do.

The color depends on the overall solution of the room and the lighting. In a spacious, bright children’s room, dark furniture looks spectacular: wenge, mahogany, walnut. If the room is small, and there isn’t enough natural light, it’s better to choose light shades of birch, bleached oak, pine or ash.

Safari implies classic furniture with a touch of retro: cabinets with hinged doors, bookcases, shelves, hanging shelves, chests of drawers. Mirrored closets will look alien, and for storing clothes suit closets with filigree doors and roomy mezzanine.

Toys are conveniently stored on open shelves: small ones are stacked in baskets, large ones are beautifully arranged on shelves.

Decorative elements

Support the chosen style will help to choose the right decor. The usual chandelier can be replaced by a wicker lampshade, a monochrome carpet – by a synthetic palace with an imitation of an animal print or palm leaves. Instead of a bedside rug, put a natural-colored mat or a small sheepskin.

Statuettes and ceramic vases in the African style will perfectly complement the atmosphere of the room, but they should not be too many. A couple of accent items can be placed on hanging shelves above the desk or bed.

An uncomplicated but interesting way to give ordinary furniture a stylish look is decoupage. On drawers of dressers, side parts of beds, closet doors are attached cut out of napkins or special cards motifs with images of African animals.

Interior solutions for different ages

Room decoration depends on the age of its inhabitant. Psychologists believe that the youngest need a room with a minimum of decor, older children prefer interesting details in the interior, which should be changed often. However, it is important not to overdo the stylization: you should not turn the room into a theater scene.

A room for a baby

For the baby, comfort and cleanliness are important, to the subtleties of design he is still indifferent. But parents do not care about the look of the room, so it is quite possible to furnish it in style, without sacrificing practicality.

In a baby’s room to often wet cleaning, so do not overdo it with textiles and small decorative elements. A light and warm color scheme dominated by cream, beige, sandy, warm blue and greenish hues is more practical.

The walls can be decorated with thematic drawings: cartoon characters, African animals. For safari style suit elephants, lion cubs, exotic birds, bright butterflies.

The bed canopy is better to make it smooth, without frills and lace. Suitable is a thin cotton or mesh fabric. An interesting solution is to make the furniture covers from unbleached cloth. They give a reference to the African colonial style, and besides, they are very practical, as they can be easily washed.

Special decorations are not necessary, it is enough to plant in prominent places a few soft toys in the form of African animals.

The room of a preschooler

Children from 3 to 7 years will perceive the style of safari enthusiastically, because it is associated with animals and travel. Light walls are more practical to repaint in calm beige, green or golden yellow tones. Instead of the usual bed, you can install the original, in the form of a safari jeep. These beds can be single or bunk beds.

The bed-machine will be more liked by boys. A girl can be offered to turn the sleeping place into an African tent, covering the bed with a cotton canopy and decorating it with ethnic beads and amulets. The theme will support bed linen with an animal print and a plaid under the animal skin. A couple of large soft toys in the form of lions, giraffes or zebras will complete the decor.

Junior schoolchildren’s room

Schoolchildren necessarily need a place to study. If the room is small, you can replace an ordinary bed with a loft bed: there is a sleeping place at the top and a desk at the bottom. Such a design will quite fit into the safari style, if desired, it can be supplemented with a fabric canopy.


Teenager Room

Teenagers are unlikely to like cartoon animals on the walls and stylized furniture, but the safari style is suitable for their rooms. The best color scheme is complex and muted. Instead of bright khaki greens, instead of light colors – medium-saturated shades of cocoa, milk chocolate, terracotta. To give the right atmosphere will help curtains made of wooden beads or bamboo of rich color, unusual lighting fixtures.

In safari style will fit well and large indoor plants such as date palm or yucca. Hanging chairs made of natural or artificial rattan, poufs made of eco leather or comfortable chairs-bags would complete the decoration. Instead of the carpet on the wooden floor you can put a zebra skin or even a tiger skin – not natural, of course, but artificial. As a decor, you can use souvenirs from African countries: ritual masks, panels, statuettes, musical instruments made of wood, bone, horn, and leather.

A room for two.

If brothers or sisters live in the room, the safari style will be an excellent choice. It will successfully zoned the room, highlighting the cozy corners for sleep, activities and games.

The play area can be complemented by a marquee of light fabric. This fabric is easy to wash, does not attract dust. The marquee is useful for games, and in addition, it hides the scattered toys and becomes an additional storage place.

Divide the room with the help of animals. Let each child choose his favorite animal and his half will be decorated in the corresponding colors. For example, a brother would prefer a lion: its colors will be beige, light brown or yellow. Sister may prefer a zebra: its half of the room is decorated in neutral greenish tones of grass with bright black and white accents.

Safari style is a successful option for the room. It allows you to decorate the room in an interesting way without spending too much money. By changing the colors and decor, you can easily adapt the room for any age, and many interesting elements are easy to make with your own hands.