Choosing a design for a boy’s room

A boy’s room is an individual area that should be comfortable for games, rest and activities. To organize the interior correctly, you need to consider several factors: the age of the child, his preferences and hobbies, as well as the option of stylistic solution. Based on this, you can create a cozy and truly functional room.

Room design for a boy 3-5 years old

Psychologists argue that at the preschool age, children form special feelings and individuality. Any child should have his own opinion, which is taken into account by parents. On the basis of this it is desirable and to do the arrangement of the bedroom. 

For a kid 3-5 years old, you must remember that the interior should be playful and as colorful as possible. The child should be pleasant to be in this room, he should have a desire to spend more time here for play or leisure.

Boys at this age are not very independent. An important part of life remain toys and favorite characters. Accordingly, when decorating a boy’s room to take into account these points. The arrangement of such a bedroom has several features:

  • Obligatorily themed design of the sleeping place. Often even the bed itself is made in the form of a car or any favorite character from a fairy tale or cartoon. No less popular option is a loft bed.
  • The decoration of the furniture is made to order and corresponds as much as possible to the theme of the chosen interior.
  • The finishing of the walls should be practical and not branded. The ideal is its full compliance with the furniture design. Of course, for the little explorer, it is better to paint the walls, as wallpaper can quickly be spoiled.
  • Do not forget about the decor and useful objects. For example, a chair-bag in the form of a ball or a soft corner with a print will be very helpful. If the baby is fond of drawing, you can buy an adjustable easel especially for him.
  • Separately make a play area. It can be enclosed by a false wall. Here you can also put a cabinet with drawers, where you can store toys. Do not interfere with a small table with a design (there are models with the alphabet, numbers and various useful pictures).

Before you start organizing the interior in the children’s room, you need to create a scheme and a separate concept, according to which you can later implement all your ideas. 

Room design for a boy 6-10 years: ideas and design features

In the room of a ten-year-old child should be minimalism and functionalism. Here it is inappropriate to use various colored frames that attract attention. Usually in such a zone, an interesting idea and a combination of several simple styles is carried out: modern, minimalism, modern.

The room may not correspond to any of them. Creating a bedroom for one boy of 10 years, parents should provide for the following nuances:

  • The presence of concise forms of furniture. They are what make the room “unfolded” and functional.
  • A slant on hobbies, hobbies, the boy’s favorite activities should be present in some objects: as a decorative element or decoration of furniture.
  • The correct arrangement of the workplace. Screaming shades are not allowed. In this area, the child must be comfortable to work. It is desirable to put a computer or laptop on the desktop.
  • To make the atmosphere calm, finish the walls with beige, cream and light gray colors will do. Variety is created with the help of color accents, which can be seen in upholstered furniture and decor elements.
  • In order for the bedroom to be as functional as possible, it is equipped with floor shelving or hinged shelves. Be sure to add a small closet compartment to store school and school clothes.

At the age of 6-10 years old boys are quite aware of what they do, so do not go to extremes, choosing the most practical materials and non-marking shades.

boy's room

A boy’s room in a modern style

When a young boy begins to feel like an adult and show his ambitions, it is possible to change the design of his individual area – the bedroom. Therefore, the ideal option is to arrange the room in a modern style. It should be pleasant for a child to bring friends, and to feel comfortable in such an environment on their own.

There can be many design options: with biases on a particular topic, with the presence of enough space, the presence of functional details. To design a child’s boy’s room in a modern style:

  • Thinking through the design, be sure to ask the teenager’s opinion. Perhaps he will indicate where and what to organize, how convenient it will be to use shelves, cabinets, workspace.
  • Before you start the renovation, you should decide on the additions and the presence of various details in the room. This will facilitate the choice of construction materials and means for finishing surfaces.
  • When organizing the sleeping area should choose furniture according to the child’s height, preferably with a small margin. The created repair along with the interior should be enough for two to three years.
  • If the room of a teenager has a small area, it should have a set that performs several tasks: a bed with internal niches for linen storage, a retractable table-transformer from the closet or bunk bed, the lower part of which is created as a working area.
  • Remember about the place of rest and hobbies. Such a zone in a child should be equipped with all the subtleties of his hobbies. It can be a home basketball hoop, a Swedish wall, a trainer for athletics.

A boy’sroom in the loft style

The design of the room for a boy in the loft style is still unusual. The room contains antique motifs, light carelessness and traditional incompleteness. Such features are very harmonious in modern children’s bedrooms.

The proposed design variant will look good in both spacious and small rooms. The finished design of the room should have the following characteristics:

  • The presence of free space. It is desirable to leave it in the central part of the room or near the door.
  • Enough light. To do this, it is important to arrange the main and additional lighting in the right order.
  • Execution of the walls without finishing. You can leave the brick visible or just paint the plastered walls. Diversify them with various decorations: posters, posters, paintings.
  • The abundance of metal structures. They can be traced in pieces of furniture: the rails or headboard, closet fittings or bedside tables, bookends, lamps.
  • Be sure to use natural materials: wood, stone or a clear imitation of them.

In the children’s room with the stylistic direction of the “loft” is extremely inappropriate use of dark shades. Therefore, along with the brick far wall, you can make adjacent partitions in light blue, beige or coffee color. 

Decorate the free space can be brightly colored accents. This will give the room harmony, decoration and emphasize the thematic. The furniture in such a room should have minimal decor and have good functionality. That is, in addition to shelves in cabinets must be the presence of a rack or drawers (they are suitable for storing underwear).

As for lighting in the children’s room, the requirements for it remain the same. It does not matter from which side the light will fall: from the side, at an angle or from the ceiling. It is necessary that the lights illuminate the working and playing area in sufficient quantity.

A boy’s room in pop art style

Most stylistic solutions originate from spectacular fine art. Pop art is no exception. Therefore, in a room with a similar interior design, you can find various ornaments and outlines, colored drawings, blotches and multitasking drawings with acrylics.

This direction is characterized by:

  • an interesting combination of colorful things in a single pictorial space;
  • the use as a decor of works in the form of photo prints and interesting ornaments in glossy design;
  • Presence of different advertisements and graffiti on the walls. Also such images can be part of the decor of the sofa, bedspreads and graphics on furniture;
  • In a bright style can be decorated chairs, benches and even a child’s desk.

Another worthy feature of the pop art style in the children’s room is exactly the neon lighting. In order to better visualize it, create special niches, shelves built into the wall.

A boy’s room in the space style

Some children are attracted to the theme of space. In this case, it is advisable to create him the appropriate environment in the room. Be careful, because this will require bright and as much as possible natural colors.

Many prefer to decorate the room in the style of the interior environment of a spaceship. This will not be cheap. As a budget option, it is enough only in the comic style to decorate the walls, make a dark stretch ceiling with a starry sky. The front of the furniture can be made in a dark blue color. Often even order cabinets with fluorescent figures: stars, month, comets.

The same style is used for the bedroom and workplace. To make the room the most appropriate environment for the subject, you need to look in every detail of the “space features”.

Peculiarities of the thematic design of the boy’s room

Decide on the theme of the implementation of design in the children’s room should take into account the age of the boy. In such a wide range, you can easily choose a simple or intricate setting. 

The following interiors are considered the most popular in the design of boys’ room:

  • Cars and military equipment. These themes are in demand among boys of all ages. Objects of thematic design is easy to observe in the decor: paintings, black and white pictures, figurines.
  • Travels. This type of interior is suitable for those guys who have a craving for tourism. In this case, the bedroom is complemented by photo wallpaper, stylish paintings and canvases. The suggested direction can easily be embodied in night curtains and other elements of textiles.
  • Nature. Some teenagers like to take care of plants. Therefore, for such occasions it is easy to organize the presence of indoor flowers: different types of cacti and ficuses. Additionally emphasize the theme will help posters on the wall, natural color and natural materials: wood, metal, stone.

Creating an interior in the room for boys, consider the child’s personal preferences and design trends. Try to be guided only by those nuances that will attract attention. We are talking about interesting additions, accessories, useful little things and practical details in a multifunctional room.