How to decorate the door for the New Year: 5 the most beautiful options

The tradition of abundant Christmas decorations came to us from the West. And it must be said, it is actively supported by domestic florists and decorators, who every season offer stylish wreaths, garlands and compositions made of living pine. The house not only does not suffer from this, but, on the contrary, acquires even more coziness and warmth. Let’s figure out how to stylishly decorate the door for the New Year with your own hands.

1 Wreath

The most famous and favorite way for many people to decorate the door for the New Year with their own hands. There are several options for the design.

From natural materials

This can be a product in a rustic or natural style. As the basis is often a ring of flexible twigs of willow or rowan trees. It is easier to buy ready-made than to make it yourself. But if it is difficult to find such a frame, the base can be made from cardboard and paper.

What you’ll need

  • A base made of twigs or paper.
  • Twigs of spruce (it is better to choose the Nobilis variety, it stands longer without water and looks more decorative), thuja, eucalyptus – any greenery to your taste.
  • Cones.
  • You can add dried flowers: lunaria, craspedia, latirus or thorns like thistle or eryngium.
  • Balloons of different shapes and sizes. Different textures of the same color look great: for example, velvet and translucent glass balls, frosted and shiny.
  • Thin wire to fix the greenery.
  • Scissors.
  • A glue gun to attach the balloons.
  • A knife and pruning shears.

Rules for composition

  • Start the decoration with the arrangement of the largest elements: balls and large cones.
  • Group the components by color: small and larger. Grouping by color looks more harmonious than just a mix.
  • Textured details like dried flowers and small balls are added at the end.
  • While working more often look at the product from the side, you can stand back a couple of steps – so the eye will not be washed out.
  • You can check the composition with a phone: just take a picture of the product, it is easier to see the mistakes in the photo.

By the way, if the basis is made of rods, it is not necessary to decorate the wreath with greenery. Products, decorated with pine needles only in half look interesting.

Artificial products

  • This option can hardly be called eco-friendly, but it will serve you more than one season.
  • You can make it on the basis of an artificial spruce.
  • Entirely made of balls.
  • Made of fabric and paper.

What you need

The principle of creating such a product is the same: you need a base, components for decoration and a glue gun – the main tool of decorators.

You can hang the wreath with a velvet or satin ribbon on a hook. You can buy a hook with velcro, then you do not have to puzzle over how to attach it to the door itself.

2 Garland

Another option on how to decorate the door arch for the New Year is to attach a garland around the jamb. It can also be made of artificial and natural materials. The video shows the process of attaching live spruce branches, plastic ones are attached in the same way.

What you need

  • Wide wire or thick twine to create the base.
  • Fine green wire to bind the component parts.
  • Medium sized spruce sprigs. You can add thuja, eucalyptus, or even ordinary dried twigs to the spruce – they will add a moody rustic aesthetic.
  • Balloons, cones, bows, bulb garland, wide ribbons and so on.

Use thin wire to secure cones, balloons and other decorations. The cones can be wrapped around the base and the ends of the wire twisted – this way you have a handy piece that can be attached at once along with the branches. 

To attach the garland around the door you need a special construction, you can find it in construction stores. Another way is to attach three large hooks: two on the upper corners and one in the center above the opening.

The garland looks very cool in combination with a wreath or other decoration, especially if they are made in the same style and color scheme.

decorate the door

3 Bows

A door bow is the most budget-friendly way to decorate, but it is quite self-sufficient. In this way you can decorate not only the house, but also the schoolroom or office. By the way, the option at school is also a great activity for students. In this case, the bow can be smaller or made of wide ribbons.

What will be needed

  • Tight fabric, it should hold its shape.
  • Small pins to fix the bow – then it will not be afraid of the wind.
  • Scissors to decorate the edge of the fabric.

Calculate the right length of material is easy: it is two heights and two widths of the door plus allowances for thickness and knots. If in doubt, take a little more, it is always easier to cut.

The principle of creating a bow actually resembles a real gift wrap.

4 Decorations

Another way to decorate the door for the New Year is to create a whole composition of different objects that could remind of the holiday. You can buy the pieces in a store or use existing items as decorations, but you have to be clever.

Rules for the composition

  • If you have a few such items, it is better not to have them symmetrically on different sides. Try to group them only on one side – so the composition will look richer.
  • Harmoniously look different objects of different height and volume. For example, you can put a tall armchair at the back, a sled or a vintage suitcase at the side, and several lanterns of different sizes at the front.
  • Instead of real candles, put plastic ones inside the lanterns – there are some today that look very realistic!
  • A great idea is to place a small live potted Christmas tree near the entrance. You can even decorate it with toys.

5 Decorating with handmade materials

Instead of a wreath, you can also hang a beautiful composition of spruce branches, dried flowers and cones. It is collected according to the principle of a bouquet. Such decor will be appreciated by fans of eco-style. Please note: festive suspended compositions of flowers and greenery, created on floral foam, alas, are not suitable for winter in the middle belt. They will freeze.

You can also come across another original idea – decorating with a pair of old-style skates. The charm of the idea is in the vintage. Decorate the skates with fabric, ribbons, flowers, dried flowers or even garland with bulbs in a retro style. Complement such a composition with decorative knitted mittens or a scarf – you get a whole story.

decorate the door

Bonus: Useful tips for decorating your front door for New Year

  • Do not be afraid to combine different decorations – holiday decorations, especially Christmas decorations, will not look “too”. A wreath, garland and a small installation near the entrance is a classic and win-win combination.
  • The same applies to sequins and tinsel – bright details, if they are chosen in the same color scheme, always look stylish.
  • Not sure about the color scheme? Red and gold are a classic.
  • Green and burgundy look good with red. And with gold, white and deep blue.
  • Pastel colors are unconventional, but very effective and even fashionable solution.
  • Experiment with colors: purple, orange, deep blue – these are unusual colors for Christmas decorations. But that’s why they are the most memorable.