Gracyn’s Graduation Photoshoot

This photoshoot is near and dear to my heart because this beautiful lady has become part of our family this year. Gracyn has been our date night baby sitter for the last several years. I actually poached her from another family who was looking for a babysitter in the area. (Horrible, I know!) I private messaged her after thinking how she checked off all my ‘must have’ items, and when the family who originally posted the ad didn’t work out, she jump shipped and the rest is history!

Gracyn is a Navy wife and has been going to school to finish her Bachelor’s degree in business. When Covid hit and she lost her part time job, I quickly snatched her up and asked her to come work part-time for our family to take care of the kids while I worked. Gracyn helps the children with their schoolwork, does anything I ask of her, and even takes care of things that she knows I need done. She’s pretty much been a Godsend to me while Logan is deployed and I can’t imagine how I’d be surviving a pandemic without her. She will be going back to school at the beginning of the new year to start her Masters degree and I pray that things are back to normal for the kids with school by then.

I love doing photoshoots with my close friends and this was even more exciting for me because it was my first time photographing a grad! How professional does she look in her snazzy new business suit? I’d scoop her up in a second!


She made a quick outfit change and grabbed her graduation cap that her mom hand painted!

Both her and her mom are huge KISS fans!

Next, she popped her first bottle of champagne and I think it was pretty epic! My camera may have gotten a little sticky but it was totally worth it!

And who doesn’t love confetti??

Her laugh is truly infectious!

This may be one of my favorites…

And finally, we ended the shoot with a quick jump in the campus fountain!

I’m so proud of this beautiful lady and have no doubt she’ll bless anyone who is lucky enough to employ her. Congratulations, Gracyn! We love you!


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